Caleta de Fuste

The town of Caleta de Fuste is variously called Caleta de Fuste, Caleta, El Castillo (because of the 17th century fortification) and most recently Costa Caleta. This causes some confusion, as some visitors think these are different places, and that it might be nice to go to one of the others!
This Resort attracts mainly British Tourists and is located only 8 km south of the Airport in a very central location from where to explore the island.
The large beach at Caleta de Fuste has been created from pale golden sand, that was brought in especially for the purpose. Over time the sand has compacted, but unlike some other locations where the man made beach has been removed by nature, the beach at Caleta de Fuste remains intact, and there are plans to upgrade the services at the main beach. Further beaches have been created between the newly opened Sheraton Hotel and the Atlantico commercial centre. They were made by creating lagoons where there was once solid rock, and then importing sand for the beach. These beaches have almost settled in, and the slightly muddy feel to the bottom of the lagoons they had when they were created has almost disappeared. They look good and are conveniently placed for a quick sunbathe when you are shopping. These beaches are being created hand in hand with the quality hotels being constructed to the south of the original development. Several of the new beaches are complete.
Beside the beach is a Marina where many marine excursions are offered as well as other Water Sports. Adjacent to the Marina is the only historical building of note, El Castillo, an 18th century tower built to protect the Island from pirate attack.
Caleta de Fuste is home to Fuerteventura's only Golf Course (although other are being built). The 18-hole, par 70, Juan Catarineu designed course was home to the Spanish Open in 2004.
A curious attraction close to Caleta de Fuste is the Ground Squirrels Mountain, where you can hand-feed the wild Squirrels.
Since this is a purpose built resort, most of the Pubs and Restaurants are located in the Commercial Centres along the main avenue. While there is not as much nightlife as in Corralejo, there is still plenty to do at night.