Fuerteventura with its sunny, mild and springful climate, is the ideal place to practice almost any kind of sports all year round.
The north east trade winds blow on a regular basis, especially in the summer time, due to a high pressure by the Azores, over the Canary Islands. For sailors, windsurfers and kite surfers those winds are very welcome and make Fuerteventura to one of their favourite holiday destination. This is the perfect place for everybody who wants to get involved in one of those water sports. There is numerous professional windsurfing, sailing and kite boarding schools on the island who love to teach you a new sport.
Of course you will also find yacht harbours with plenty of boats, which offer their services to fishermen, water skiers, people who want to parasail or just make a sunset cruise. Fuerteventura also has got a golf course; but a second one is under construction and a couple more are planned to be built soon.
If you love horses just go to one of the horse riding clubs. They will offer you different unforgettable deals; such as a sunset ride on the beach. As you can see, everybody will find something to do in Fuerteventura and it is really hard to get bored.
More and more mountain bikers and bikers in general come to Fuerteventura and enjoy the steep hills as well as the nice departures. It is an incredible feeling for everybody. Especially mountain bikers enjoy the endless trails with its sometimes bizarre landscapes; spectacular cliffs and unforgettable views. Just follow the trails and jump in the cristaline waters of the Atlantic Ocean a couple of hours later to cool off, where else can you do that if not in Hawaii? The island invites you to life the nature and makes you want to come back anytime.
The mild climate in Fuerteventura is one of the most important bonuses for national and international sporstmen who come and train on the island during the winter months. The island turns more and more into a Touristdestination specialized in leisure activities. Among the local island sports, Lucha Canaria (Canary Island wrestling) should be mentioned, based on the skill of throwing an opponent in direct man-to-man combat. As a typical event more than a sport we must mention the contests with staves and the Canarian stick-fighs, which have great tradition on the island.